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In a previous blog, I discussed the benefits that come from giving back through philanthropy. However, it must feel even better being able to give back to your own community. You can meet new people and make friends, develop skills, and even advance your career. The best part is that there are many ways to give back to your community, so here are a few ideas that can help you get started on the right foot.


Endorse the local businesses

You probably have many local startup companies by members of your community who are looking for patrons to help them get going. So instead of going to the major supermarket chain, do your grocery shopping at one of the local stores and buy some fresh produce from the farmers in the area. If you have a website, add on a section where you promote some of these local businesses. This cross-networking will allow you to not only reach more people but help out your fellow neighbor achieve the same goal.


Assist your neighbors

Sometimes giving back doesn’t have to complex and can be as simple as helping out your neighbors and there is a multitude of ways of doing that. You can help the elderly individual across the street bring in her groceries, housesit for the family next door to you going on vacation, or walk the dog for the woman down the block. If you have any handyman skills, you can also offer to help fix household items. As you can see, there are so many ways to help out, and you wouldn’t even have to go very far to do it. So take advantage of even these little opportunities because they can go a long way.


Attend Local Charity Events

You can also attend tidy up events in the area that bring people in the community together to work on picking up trash and make the place much nicer. This is another simple way to give back. During the holidays you can also partake in local food drives. Participating in these events are great ways to help out and do require much of your time at all.


Simply Volunteer in Different programs

Do some research and see what kind of local programs your community has available and volunteer your services. There are a variety of things you do such as, mentoring a young person in a Big Brother/Sister program, help organize community service projects or work as a charity shop assistant. Habitat for Humanity is another great program that offers the opportunity to join in construction projects that will benefit the less fortunate. You will have the chance to see the good work you are doing and know that you had a hand in something special that helped someone who truly needed it.


Raise Money and Donate

Another easy way to give back is by simply raising money to donate to local charities in the area. Most organizations will appreciate anything you can offer so don’t feel pressured to give a large amount. Some people give ten percent of their paycheck. However, even if you don’t have money to give you can still donate in other ways by donation clothes or toys to the local drives. So there is always an opportunity to help out your local community, and it is up to you to go out and find it.