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Work-life balance is a challenge for many people and families. It is a problem that has been around for decades; whenever you have multiple responsibilities, it can be hard to find time to juggle all of them. Technology has made life easier in many ways, but it has also made life more challenging in others. Most employees are accessible twenty-four hours a day via electronic devices. It is inevitable that work creeps into personal and family time and vice versa. The Spruce shares several ways to balance work and family.

Self care

Self care is imperative to a positive work-life balance. Many times parents make themselves last on the priority list. However, one cannot care for others if they do not take care of themselves first. Taking 10-20 minutes out of your day for a walk or other physical activity improves health and reduces stress. Eating healthy and routine check-ups with a physician are also important. Work and family will both appreciate a healthier, less stressed employee and parent.


Time is precious and should be carefully managed at work and home. Focus on what matters most first. If a request at work does not align with job priorities, decline when possible. Find employers that offer a family friendly environment. Many organizations offer flexible scheduling, work from home hours, or onsite child care. Family, friends, community, and others are all vying for your personal time. Parents need to choose what aligns with their values and is in the best interest for their family. Learn to say “no” or “not at this time” if it does not meet the priority list.

Family time

Coordinating the family’s schedule and getting everyone together can be difficult. Yet, putting in the extra effort to set aside family time will be well worth it. Schedule one night or day a week designated for family fun. The family can vote on what to do or have everyone take a turn to choose the fun activity. Another great way to connect as a family is to sit down together for a meal. While spending this quality time together, keep the cell phones and other devices away from the dinner table or out of sight when doing a family activity.

Make connections

Balancing work and family is not easy; many parents deal with the same challenges and often feel overwhelmed. Connect with other mothers or fathers for support and sharing experiences. They may have ideas and suggestions to improve work-life balance. As the saying goes…”it takes a village.” If community members work together, you’ll discover that finding a work-life balance is less challenging than it initially seemed.