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Your business may still be in its startup stage or it could have been around for decades. It doesn’t matter how old your company is, there are certainly times when you need to reevaluate the company culture and decide whether or not changes should be made. It can be incredibly difficult to shift the company culture in a new direction; you often meet pushback from employees or other management and it can be unclear what exact changes should be implemented. It’s important to work on shifting company culture in a delicate way that avoids unnecessary issues and truly improves your business.

Improve benefits

If you notice employee morale isn’t as good as you’d like it to be, one area that’s ripe for improvement is often your benefits package. A company’s benefits should be regularly updated in order to reflect the changing needs of their employees and current societal needs. If you haven’t updated your benefits in several years, it’s time to change that. See what benefits are in highest demand and how your current offering can be improved.

Strengthen relationships

The key to a great office is having strong relationships within that office. You want your employees to feel connected to their coworkers. Cultivate these relationships; plan regular office activities that give employees the chance to socialize together and form deeper connections. Making the office a place where people feel close to each other leads to stronger teams and a better office culture.

Become transparent

Make sure your office and its management are as transparent as possible. If employees feel like they do not have a clear idea of what’s being done in an office and why, it can lead to resentment and seem like management is hiding something. When you make changes, honestly explain to employees why you’re doing so and give them the opportunity to ask questions. It’s also important to be clear about what the company’s long term goals are and effectively communicate those to all employees.

Welcome feedback

Office culture can often be improved by simply welcoming feedback. Whether you’re a lower level manager or a higher executive in the company, offer all employees time to talk to you. Regularly ask for feedback and provide time employees can ask you questions. Begin cultivating open communication with your employees and you’ll find out how the office culture can be improved and also show a willingness to make those improvements. Knowing you’re open to feedback helps keep employees satisfied in their jobs and improves the office.

Pay attention to burnout

Burnout is a common issue, no matter how great your company culture or what industry you work in. Be mindful of it and learn how to look out for the signs. If you sense some employees are on the verge of burnout, have them take time off. Create an office culture where the risk of burnout is minimized and that has options to employees experiencing burnout. If an employee feels burned out, make sure they have resources that allow them to take time off and not have to worry about work while they’re away.