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No matter if you’re planning a roadtrip for once you retire, while you’re on vacation from school, or are simply taking time off of work, there are certain tips that work regardless. A road trip can make for an incredible trip if planned correctly. There are plenty of wonderful places to visit within the United States with lots to see and do. Carefully planning out your trip will make for a wonderful time.

Plan your route

Just beginning to drive and see where the road takes you may be appealing, but it rarely works out well. You need to plan a general outline of your trip to make sure you do not get lost, end up somewhere you don’t want to be, and have enough supplies to last you through the trip. Calculate the mileage of your trip and have a general idea of where you’ll stop for gas; some areas do not have many gas stations available. Depending where you go, you may need to make reservations ahead of time as well and research what sites or cities you really want to visit.

Carefully pack

Before heading out, go over your packing list a few times. While you’ll be in a car and can stop somewhere and get most items you might forget, like a toothbrush or an extra set of clothes. However, forgetting your cellphone or credit cards could cause a much larger issue or realizing that you forget to pack jumper cables if your car battery dies. Take into consideration where you’ll be driving through; do you need a winter coat and summer clothes? Are you going somewhere that gets a lot of rain? Will you need formal clothes for any place you’re visiting? Planning ahead and being aware of what items you’ll need throughout your trip is incredibly important.

Get your rest

In the days leading up to your road trip and while traveling, it’s important to get as much rest as possible. Get a few full nights of sleep and while on your trip make a point to get suitable rest when you stop driving for the day or night. Avoid pulling too many late nights because it could seriously affect your driving ability. Also, if you feel too tired to keep driving, there’s nothing wrong with stopping somewhere to take a quick nap or even stopping for the day.

Prepare your car

Much like the importance of packing, make sure your car is prepared for the trip. Pack a spare tire, get some jumper cables, and consider filling up an extra container of gas. It’s also important to make sure your car is in working order. Check your tire pressure and clean it out before you get ready to travel in it for days at a time.

Take supplies

You know the importance of preparing your car and making sure you pack properly, but you also need to take supplies to keep in your car to help yourself. Make sure you have plenty of snacks and water to sustain you while driving. Buying in bulk will be more affordable than waiting until every gas station or store you stop at. Find foods rich in nutrients that’ll keep you alert instead of full of sugar that leaves you feeling sluggish. Also keep items in the car to keep you and your passengers entertained. Have some good music playing, encourage those not driving to have books, or have something that can play videos. You want to make the hours on the road as easy as possible!