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Like I’ve mentioned before, retirement can be a big change and sometimes it’s a little challenging to handle. One of the best ways to help adjust to the changes retirement brings is staying busy and getting involved in new activities now that you’re not working full-time. Many people already have rich social lives outside of work, such as spending time with family, traveling, or volunteering with a specific organization. However, retirement still frees up a large portion of your time, so it’s important to continue to give yourself direction for those hours.

A great way to help fill up all your new free time is by finding ways to get involved with your community. Whether you’re volunteering, working part-time, or doing some other activity, there are plenty of ways to contribute to the community in retirement.

Serve on a philanthropy board

With all your free time, now is the perfect opportunity to get more involved with a philanthropy of your choosing. Giving your time and helping out in daily tasks is wonderful and something you should definitely do, but charities often have desperate need for people to take on more of a leadership role, but cannot offer paid positions since they operate on limited funds. Offering your time to serve on a board or in a leadership role will be greatly appreciated and you can help make a significant difference in your community.

Visit people who aren’t mobile

In any community, there are residents who are in the hospital or homebound and rely on others to help them get around. There are lots of programs that connect volunteers with these people, providing them with visitors and people to talk to or even sometimes transportation. Consider giving your time to a program that helps you find people you can visit and spend quality time with. These opportunities can be life-changing; for you and the person you’re visiting.

Work at a local business

If you want to continue working after retirement, getting a job at a local business can be a good option. Some businesses may really need employees, but can only hire on a part-time basis or not offer a lot of money. However, if the business is something you’re interested in and you want to work a little, you’ll get to be more involved in the community while still making money.

Get involved in local activities

Finally, just generally getting involved in local activities is a good way to become a stronger member of your community. There are countless events happening every week, though they aren’t always well publicized or attended. Make an effort to find out what’s happening in the community and attend the event if you’re interested in it.