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At any company, there are risks associated with working there. These risks are even more pronounced if your business involves physical labor of some sort. However, in labor-heavy professions, there’s extensive training and guidelines for how employees can safely work and what rules must be followed to keep the work environment as safe as possible. For those who have less physical jobs and spend a lot of time in an office setting, there are often murkier requirements and training when it comes to staying safe at the company. Here are some tips you and your employees can use to stay safe.

Be familiar with legal information

The first step to take to keep your company safe is making sure you’re familiar with the legal requirements in your particular industry and in general. Ensure you’re meeting these guidelines and nothing is slipping through the cracks that could become a hazard or issue later. Talking with a lawyer and asking their advice on the best ways to keep the workplace safe is always a good idea and should be one of your first steps when establishing a business.

Identify potential risks

Take time to think about your office area and any potential risks that could arise. These risks could be something simple like furniture placed somewhere that makes it easy to trip over. Or, these risks could be larger, such as incredibly icy conditions when it snows or features of the office that have not been updated in a long time. The more familiar you are with issues that could occur, the easier it is to prevent these problems by making employees aware of the risk or getting rid of the danger entirely.

Facilitate training courses

Once you’ve identified potential dangers in your company, begin facilitating training courses. Teach employees how to avoid risks specific to your office and also more general issues that could arise. Employees will appreciate the care and attention to detail. In these training courses, also go over drills of what you’d do in specific emergency situations, such as a fire or other disaster. Keeping employees aware of what to do in emergencies and making sure everyone is prepared can save lives.

Encourage employees to stay active

Finally, encourage your employees to stay active. If they’re all working in an office setting and spending their entire day sitting down, it can be difficult to be as active and they need to be. Consider arranging a membership discount with a local fitness center or offer office events that get people moving around. Encourage employees to take short breaks and go for a walk and stock the company with healthy snack options.