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The world has become increasingly connected thanks to great strides made in technology. Over my lifetime, I’ve seen incredible advancements, particularly with the internet and how easy it now is for people to connect with one another. Because of these advances, we are extremely aware of suffering and issues around the world. It’s simple to learn about people who have lost everything to a natural disaster, find an area affected by conflict, or hear about some kind of illness that’s harming a lot of people. Because of this connectivity, it’s our duty to help out other people and participate in philanthropy. Here are even more reasons why everyone should attempt to be philanthropic in some way.

You’re making someone’s life better

The biggest reason everyone should participate in philanthropy is because it helps out someone and makes their life better. If every person attempted one philanthropic gesture a month, you’d see incredible changes. One of the highest callings in life is helping others. If you attempt to become more philanthropic and support charities and those in need, you’re making someone else’s life that much better. No matter how small the gesture, you never know what it means to someone else.

It improves your health

Many studies have been done to show the ways philanthropy and giving to others improves your health. Doing a bit of research reveals the various health benefits of philanthropy, which include lower levels of stress, less risk of heart disease or stroke, and lower blood pressure. Many people also report higher, overall happiness. Whether you’re donating money or your time or simply being kinder to others, any small act of philanthropy can improve your physical and mental health.

You develop a sense of purpose

Knowing that you’re helping out another person helps you develop a strong sense of purpose. If you support a specific cause and work toward finding a solution, you know you’re working for a larger ideal. If there is stress in your life, philanthropy helps take your mind off of it and help out others instead of ruminating over whatever issue you’re currently facing. Having a sense of purpose helps you feel better overall about your life and gives you a tangible goal to work toward.

You learn through philanthropy

When you participate in philanthropy, it gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself. You find out what causes you’re passionate about and what talents you possess to help improve the world. You can also learn new skills through volunteering with a specific organization. Another way you learn is about other people. You gain a new perspective that you would have never had before when working with charities and it’s likely you’ll create new connections with people you wouldn’t have met otherwise.