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About Haralambos “Bob” Geroulanos

Haralambos (Bob) GeroulanosHaralambos “Bob” Geroulanos is a businessman, a proud father and grandfather, and a contributor to some of the most vibrant, one-of-a-kind community organizations in Brooklyn, New York.

A Greek-American who was born and raised in a small village of Cephalonia (Kefalonia), Bob carries with him to this day the values that were instilled in him by his mother and father: hard work, perseverance, and above all, the love and support needed to help others.

For over 50 years Bob has applied that service-minded attitude to each of his personal and professional endeavors. He has built his real estate holdings and management company on twin pillars of ethicality and efficiency — and he continues to seek out opportunities to work with his hands and get personally involved with new tasks from the ground up. Over the years Bob has been officially recognized by the Borough of Brooklyn, the New York City Council, the New York State Senate, and many more organizations for his community service as well.

Bob Geroulanos is perhaps best known for his contributions as the benefactor of the Greek School of Plato, which his own children and grandchildren attended. When the school revealed a need for renovation and expansion in 2013, Bob knew he could do his part in keeping Greek language, culture, and education alive and well in Brooklyn. He and his wife presented a check of $1 million to the school — proving that, in the words of Bob’s son Spiro, “You do not have to formally belong to an organization or to be a chairperson in order to give something back.”

Education has always been important to Bob, who as a student often had to go without notebooks and textbooks at school. In addition to the Greek School of Plato he has contributed to other educational institutions, such as St. Joseph’s Indian School, so that they can better provide for their students. Beyond academic materials, however, Bob knows that education is also sustained simply by keeping one’s heritage alive and passing it on to new generations.

This is why Bob has worked to preserve Greek civic and creative culture in Brooklyn in various ways. In 2016 he was named a Greek Heritage Day Honoree by the Assembly State of New York. Bob has also been recognized as an important member of Three Hierarchs Parish. A longtime parishioner, a devoted choir member, and a “grand benefactor of the church community,” Bob has been honored for his philanthropic work in special events held by the Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church.

Outside of his professional and community endeavors, Haralambos ‘Bob’ Geroulanos enjoys fishing, collecting antiques, and spending time with his friends and family.


Bob’s Early Years

(See The National Herald for the full story.)

Childhood in Cephalonia

 “I was the youngest of the boys and the second youngest out of all [8 of] my siblings. Our village is a barren place located on a mountain, where villagers fight tooth and nail to make ends meet […] We suffered major damages at the hands of the Germans during World War II, and then came the civil war, which was even more difficult than WWII.”

Life in the Merchant Marines

“A merchant marine academy opened in 1956 and I graduated from there with a degree as an engineer in the merchant marines. I sailed for eight years intermittently and worked my way up to the position of second engineer.”

Marriage to Niki Economou-Papaioannou

“We met in Cephalonia and got married. In the meanwhile, I had opened up a shop selling cosmetics and tobacco in Kapnikarea Square in Athens.”

The Move to the U.S.

“Greece was under a dictatorship at the time and things were rather difficult. That is why we decided to relocate to the United States. I left everything behind and came here in November 1969.”